Where lectures meet KM4Dev practice: Knowledge for Development Conference, 2014


  • John Emeka Akude
  • Peter J. Bury
  • Philipp Grunewald
  • Jaap W. Pels


conferences, KM4Dev, facilitation, 2014


Towards the end of 2013 the Deutsches Institutfür Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) organized a conference in 2014 on ‘Knowledge for Development’ (K4D). In this article, the organisers, facilitators and rapporteurs - John Akude, Philipp Grunewald, Peter J. Bury and Jaap Pels - offer a perspective on the shaping, planning, running and follow up of the event Knowledge for Development at DIE. To enhance its effectiveness, the initial idea of organizing a conventional conference with lectures was gradually adapted to a more inclusive and interactive learning and sharing event, inspired and supported by the global KM4Dev community. This reflection paper provides (1) a critical analysis of crucial moments that shaped the facilitation process; (2) a review of the effectiveness of facilitator notes and; (3) a discussion of how the facilitation process fared. It recommends courage, self-confidence and taking enough time to reflect on the processes required to move from conventional lectures based conferences with little added value to a potentially high value added interactive learning and sharing event.