About the Journal

The open access KM4D Journal (ISSN 1871-6342) offers peer-reviewed practice-based cases, analysis and research concerning the role of knowledge in development processes, and provides a forum for debate and exchange of ideas among practitioners, policy makers academics and activists world-wide. By challenging current assumptions, it seeks to stimulate new thinking and to shape future ways of working. The journal is strongly related to the KM4Dev community of practice but aims to promote KM knowledge and approaches in the wider professional development community. Wherever possible, we link up with existing kindred communities or networks.

The KM4D Journal is produced by the Foundation in Support of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal, The Netherlands, in cooperation with the Knowledge Management for Development Community and appears twice a year.

Peer review policy: Full articles are subject to double blind peer review. Other contributions, such as case studies and reflections, are subject to review by the editorial team. Authors retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions.