Institutionnalisation de la capitalisation d?expériences au PROMER, Sénégal


  • Thiendou Niang
  • Hawa Sow Bousso Ndiaye


capitalisation d?expérience, gestion des connaissances, institutionnalisation de processus, PROMER, Sénégal


Fight against poverty in rural areas through the creation and / or promotion of micro and small enterprises generating sustainable jobs by causing an increase and diversification of income Promotion Project of the Rural Entrepreneurship (PROMER II) is to of households in the context of equality women - men. PROMER II part of its strategy of intervention institutionalizing the capitalization of experiences in order to make them readable and visible accomplishments and achievements of the project to improve practices and inspire public policies to promote rural Entrepreneurship. Key initiatives for the institutionalization revolve around enrollment management activities of knowledge in the annual work program and budget, development of a methodology and tools, action-learning frameworks PROMER on technical experience capitalization. It adds the media production capitalization, dissemination and sharing of lessons learned. Among the achievements, we can see the production of booklets capitalization, achieving experience sheets, producing a guide capitalization of experiences on rural entrepreneurship in Senegal. Success factors identified relate to the technical and financial support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through staff training on the techniques of capitalization and support missions for the appropriation of the methodology, the involvement in the process of beneficiaries, service providers and partners and sharing learning with other experts. The main lesson learned from the experience of PROMER is that the successful institutionalization of the capitalization of experience in a project requires the commitment of the management of its coordination unit.