Knowledge for action: an analysis of the use of online climate knowledge brokering platforms


  • Anne Hammill
  • Blane Harvey
  • Daniella Echeverría


knowledge networks, climate change, online platforms, users, surveys, case studies, knowledge sharing


Online climate knowledge brokers (CKB) and knowledge brokering platforms can play an important role as intermediaries linking the production and use of knowledge needed for action on climate change. This paper examines the current state of alignment between CKB platforms with the information-seeking and knowledge sharing behaviour of users of online climate change information. It reviews the case for knowledge brokerage and how brokerage activities are put into practice online for climate change and development. The paper then outlines the results of research undertaken to understand how CKB platform users assess, access, and apply knowledge. This included interviews and surveys with over 200 users of online climate change information to understand their needs, preferences and behaviours, as well as in-depth case studies of four CKB platforms: AfricaAdapt; Climate Finance Options; Climate Change Policy & Practice; and the Eldis Climate Change Resource Guide. The paper highlights key findings and recommendations about user behaviours and preferences, potential areas for innovation in online knowledge brokering, and the need for taking climate knowledge brokerage beyond its online functions.