The Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange – a journey of change.

  • Petrarca Karetji
Keywords: knowledge management, development, Indonesia


Eastern Indonesia is a region of over 40% of Indonesia’s land mass, but comprises only 15% of Indonesia’s population. The area includes 12 provinces, with distinctive and diverse indigenous cultures, climates and development conditions. The Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange (often refered to by its Indonesian acronym, BaKTI), was established with donor support to become a hub of constructive interaction between CSO, government and donors through the access and exchange of knowledge for sustainable development in Eastern Indonesia. To ensure that BaKTI’s development strategy is aligned to this purpose within the broader context of Eastern Indonesia’s development, the question is: what is BaKTI’s approach to improve development processes in the region? This paper seeks to outline this approach, starting with a simple definition of development within a context of change, where development is: a process of change that is managed to provide benefit for those undergoing this process of change. From this definition, the paper will then proceed to outline Eastern Indonesia’s process of development as a ‘Journey of Change’ and the role of knowledge in this journey.