Comment les acteurs de terrain deviennent les auteurs de la capitalisation et du partage d'expériences ? Les ateliers d'écriture et de capitalisation, un levier pour le développement des échanges Sud-Sud



capacity building, experience capitalization, knowledge sharing, international development, South-South, collaboration, workshops, writeshops


The authors of this article share their experience of the close collaboration that brought them together over six years, around a programme focused on access to energy. One of them was in charge of capacity development and the other was in charge of communication and knowledge management. They put ‘capitalisation’ and sharing of experiences at the heart of the capacity development approach, building upon writing (writeshops and capitalisation) by programme staff as one of the pillars of knowledge-sharing. As soon as a capitalisation and sharing dynamic gelled, they focused on change management, around programme reviews by staff, between self-evaluation and capitalisation of experiences. The development of a common vision, common agenda and open sharing about the programme’s strengths and weaknesses, and the identification of innovative experiences, proved pivotal to generate collective intelligence and common capital, as well as to stimulate a network dynamic. They analyse the crucial role that writeshops played in transforming relationships between project teams, in capitalising on their individual and collective experiences and in pushing them to dare to share them. Those workshops turned actors into authors, with emphasis on communication and peer exchange. The authors ponder the sustainability of formal and informal networks, and on their limits when the dynamic of sharing and promoting innovation is no longer maintained, as well as on the means that are necessary to maintain this dynamic at different stages of the programme.


de Zutter, Pierre, 1994. Des histoires, des savoirs, des hommes : l’expérience est un capital. Paris : Fondation pour le progrès de l’homme.