Bibliographie commentée sur la capitalisation d'expériences dans le développement international


  • Gilles Mersadier


experience capitalization, FAO, international development, bibliography


Since May 2009 the FAO has been implementing a Belgian Cooperation-funded regional project on ?Knowledge Management and Gender : Knowledge Systematization of Good Practices in Support of Agricultural Production and Food Security? ( To build a knowledge systematisation approach adapted to support organisations in rural Niger and Burkina Faso, nothing seems more natural than contacting those who have the experience and have achieved some results in this area ! Here is an annotated bibliography on the capitalisation of experience applied to international development in general and in rural and agricultural development in particular. The list focuses on the Francophone approach. Far from being exhaustive, this bibliography nonetheless contains a selection of references to understand the process and how it is implemented. From articles to books and video, the annotated documents are all fully available for free and can be downloaded on the internet.