Quand la capitalisation d'expérience investit le champ de la coopération internationale : enquête auprès d'OSI/ONG françaises


  • Sabine Didier


experience capitalization, learning, NGOs, France, development projects, international development, tacit knowledge


The ?capitalisation of experiences? (learning-focused documentation of experiences) seems to have gained momentum over the past few years. It is increasingly acknowledged, better defined and even integrated in project cycle management in international cooperation. The quest for effectiveness is putting stress on humanitarian and development initiatives and capitalisation contributes to establishing standards, criteria and indicators of success in those initiatives. An investigation, carried out in 2010 in France, among over thirty international cooperation actors gathered testimonies around the very approach of capitalisation. These testimonies shed light on the stakes, objectives, implementation process and intentions that surround the integration of this approach among development associations and institutions. The experiences they portray point to the creative and iterative nature of this approach as a source of evidence that allows the description of the conditions in which such an approach was carried out as well as its constraints and limitations. Finally, the article highlights some recommendations that have contributed to the progressive development of capitalisation as a professional practice and to its promotion as an essential pillar of the compilation and reformulation of knowledge, know-how and practices.


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