La gestion des connaissances pour le développement : le cas du Centre Africain de Statistique


  • Issoufou Seidou Sanda Centre Africain de Statistique


knowledge management, statistics, UNECA, statistical data, coordination


The African Centre for Statistics of UNECA (the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) was created in 2006 with a view to ?revitalise and better coordinate statistics within the Commission?s secretariat, to improve its functioning as statistics coordinating agency and to develop capacities in African statistical systems?. As the coordination agency for statistics on the continent (and as lead capacity development agency supporting data production of national statistics institutes and offices), the centre paid attention to knowledge management from its creation. Early in the process, it set up initiatives aiming at improving knowledge management in relation with collecting, processing and disseminating statistical data. This article considers this experience. In a first stage, it explains to what extent knowledge management is crucial to meet the centre?s objectives. In a second stage, it zooms in on some initiatives that were carried and on their results, to tease out a critical analysis and some lessons learnt. The ultimate part of the article draws conclusions from that analysis.


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