Open data: initiatives and new challenges in the Argentinian Agricultural sector


  • Leticia Paula Dobrecky


Agriculture, Argentina, Hackathon, Ministry of Agroindustry, Food Security, Open Data, Open Government, Open Government Data


Data flood each area of ​​society. This real explosion is generated by advances in computer applications, scientific research, organizations, governments. One of the highlights of this era is the "open" movement, embraced to a great extent by the public administrations to achieve greater transparency, collaboration and citizen participation. The agricultural sector has an active role in the opening of data with international initiatives such as the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition) project. The Ministry of Agroindustry of the Argentine Republic is inserted in this international panorama with the launching of the Open Data Portal in accordance with the trend towards an Open Government. The objectives of this paper are: to outline the benefits of data entry in the agricultural sector; identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with Argentina's open agricultural data initiatives; and examine the opportunities that this context represents for the librarians of the sector. For this, the literature is reviewed and analyzed on the subject, regulations, consultation of press releases and presentation of expert opinions. One of the challenges is the integration of information professionals in this scenario that involves taking on new roles and strengthening ties with the community.