Terraço Aberto: a space for public debate in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique


  • Barbara Zuzana Kruspan
  • Karin Voigt
  • Leopoldino Jerónimo


debates, democracy, methodologies, Mozambique


The article considers Terraço Aberto as a forum for debates and innovation in Pemba, Mozambique. Topics to be considered are selected by members of the local community. In this young democracy, the voices of different segments of society are not always equally considered and Terraço Aberto makes this possible. The debates take place once per month on the terrace which gave name to the idea, but increasingly in other places, depending on the topic. In order to stimulate new participations and appropriation outside the original terrace, debates are held in a location related to the topic, for example, a debate about erosion will take place where there is erosion. Terraço Aberto style events only take place in the province of Cabo Delgado. Replicas in other provinces are part of the plans for the near future.






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