Du concept à la pratique: capitaliser des pratiques de partenariat en Afrique de l?Ouest au sein d?un réseau d?ONG françaises


  • Jérémy Casteuble


réflexion collective, partenaires, Afrique de l?Ouest, ONG, France


Supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), the initiative group (network of 10 French development NGO established in 1993) leads the project "Sleepers 2011-2014: strengthening associative development practitioners through the sharing of knowledge and methods ". This project aims to capitalize on the experience of its members and their partners to develop business and common positioning and collectively produce methodological yardsticks that could benefit all actors in development. With the richness and diversity of his experiences, the Group launched initiatives in 2013, a process of capitalization of partnership practices of its members in West Africa: "Partnerships in the heart of the issues of territory." If exercise can seem risky (repetition of a subject already discussed, undermined our practices etc.), but it deserves attention in the context of cooperation between European and African actors who must renew and place the partnership the heart of our approach to build alliances and jointly address common issues that unite us. To treat a theme unifying and symbolic evidence, what could be more normal than a process of participatory reflection involving its West African partners? Throughout the year, the Group initiatives (Gi) has worked with its partners (members of its own structures and partner organizations) to build a collective reflection, true to the diversity of experiences. Beyond the results for the year are subject to a publication we have chosen to share the outcome methodological reflection of this experience. First, (1) the passage of a practice analysis to a collective position, then (2) development of an animation methodology capable to overcome the constraints of distance and risks of censorship on a subject a priori conflict.