Participatory mapping for adaptation to climate change: the case of Boe Boe, Solomon Islands


  • Antonella Piccolella


adaptation, climate change, knowledge systems, participatory mapping, P3DM


Critics of top-down, expert-driven approaches to adaptation suggest the need for tools and methods capable of addressing the gap between scientific and local understanding of climate change. After a lengthy period in which participatory mapping in the context of climate change was overlooked, attention has now turned to Participatory Three-Dimensional Modelling (P3DM) for adaptation planning. P3DM consists in a community-based process resulting in a 3D-scaled and geo-referenced relief model. Because of its relative accuracy and the possibility of being translated to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), P3DM adds credibility to locally produced content and provides a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue. Through the analysis of a case study in Boe Boe, Solomon Islands, this paper explores how P3DM may be utilised for integrating indigenous and scientific knowledge systems while minimising risks that perverse power dynamics will jeopardise the effectiveness of the participatory process. This paper combines results from literature analysis with interviews.