Incentivizing online engagement in Communities of Practice - What works in World Bank group communities


  • Aaron Buchsbaum
  • Brendan McNulty
  • Bruce Summers
  • Claudia Teixeira
  • Emilia Galiano
  • Ivan Butina
  • Zarko Palankov
  • Fatbardha Ajeti


CoPs, communities of practice, World Bank


Incentives to participate need to be designed into the very structure of a Community of Practice (CoP). This is particularly true for young communities that need to ?hit the ground running,? create activity, and demonstrate value. CoPs developed by the World Bank Group (?the Bank??) have relied on both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives and employed a suite of approaches in both the CoP-design phase as well as activities. By adhering to these basic principles, our CoPs have grown in strength, number, and sophistication over the past five years. This paper describes the evolution of our approach to building CoPs in relation to incentive structures, and suggests how other organizations can learn from this experience.




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